Charles Graham, Jr., Ph.D.

Charles Graham, Jr.

Charles Graham, Jr., Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Years at EMU

Four years

Why You Like Working Here

I like working here at Eastern primarily because it exposes me to a diverse group of individuals with varied life experiences. It gives me the opportunity to communicate both in a scholarly and personal manner to people who are receptive to learning and able to give.

Favorite EMU Moment

I had the opportunity last year to attend my first EMU women’s basketball game. I was invited by one of the players. They were struggling up to that point, but the day that I came they won, and had a great victory.


There are two things. My focus and interest is in the area of mental health and child welfare. It’s really important, through both my work experience and research, to make sure I spend most of my time helping children who are marginalized or suffering from mental health issues, as well as physical abuse. Also being part of the process of transferring knowledge to individuals going into a career or ultimately becoming practitioners.

The second part would be watching the transformative experience of education for individuals making great sacrifices and risks to take this academic journey.

Next Goal

I would love to complete a couple of books that are partially in writing and focus on mental health and adolescence. Also, I hope, in the process of continuing here towards tenure, to ultimately be part of a formalized delivery of care to the community. I would like to help young people struggling with mental health care and be part of a mental health institution that provides multiple services to those who are suffering.

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