Doris Farrugia

Doris Farrugia

Doris Farrugia


Senior Secretary, Accounting and Finance

Years at EMU

14 years

Why You Like Working Here

There are so many reasons, but mainly interacting with the faculty and students. I especially enjoy helping students learn the skills they need to be successful in their future careers through on-the-job training. It’s amazing to watch how much they grow personally and professionally.

Favorite EMU Moment

When I won the 2016 Outstanding Staff Award for the College of Business at the honors banquet. When Michael Tidwell presented it to me, I was completely surprised and felt honored to be chosen.


Challenge! When I think something cannot be done or I feel unable to do it, I push myself to do it anyway through hard work. I am a self-taught fitness instructor and recently created a pilates class I teach through the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education program.

Surprising Fact

After being born on the island of Malta, I became an American citizen in 1996 and I have lived in Michigan for 40 years. When I came to the U.S., I didn’t know any English. I learned through observation and listening. After raising four boys, I went to WCC and got my associate’s degree in administration.

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