Donald Gregory

Donald Gregory portrait

Donald Gregory


Fire Safety Technician

Years at EMU

Five years

Why You Like Working Here

It’s steady and regular. I like seeing all the new faces, too.

Favorite Campus Spot

I like the Student Center. There is always something different going on, different scenery.

Favorite EMU Moment

I really enjoyed EMU night at Comerica Park.


Challenge. I like doing what I do because every place I go, it’s a different challenge. Between inspections, programming security alarm and fire alarm panels, replacing smoke detectors and keeping track of every battery on campus, everyday is a unique challenge.

Surprising Personal Fact

Between my wife and I, we have eight kids ages 10 to 23. There is always something interesting going on. The most fun we have is when we go places with all of the kids, which doesn’t happen very often. My youngest child's favorite thing is Hibachi Steak Houses and when we go in there and have all of our kids, they just look like “no way those are all yours.” We take up an entire table.


“Nothing in life is free.” That’s something I try to teach my kids.

Super Power

I’m sensitive, so I’d be a healer. I grew up in a diverse family, that’s kinda how I got into security. I saw a lot of rough things growing up so I’m sensitive to treating others nicely. I’m very sensitive to that. When we go places with my kids, people say they can see that quality in them.

Next Goal

My wife and I have never taken a vacation. We are taking a three and a half week trip to Europe in 2020. I’ve never been anywhere overseas. We’re doing two days in London, two days in Paris, a cruise that goes all the way around Scotland and Ireland. At the end of the cruise, there is a four day land tour where we will stay in castles in Ireland. My wife is of Irish heritage and she wants to see her family crest and some family.

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