Diane Lynn-Veals

Diane Lynn-Veals profile

Diane Lynn-Veals


Zone Custodial Manager

Years at EMU

24 years

Why You Like Working Here

When I was earning my bachelor’s degree here, I was attracted to EMU. After graduation, I was hired to work in the Physical Plant and there I felt like I worked at the "heartbeat" of the University as I got to interact with students, faculty and staff on a daily basis.

Favorite EMU Moment

During the sesquicentennial celebration, I got to meet the Temptations and have my picture taken with them. Being a part of that event coming together and being able to showcase Roosevelt Hall was great.


I think what motivates me is being able to address all the needs of people across campus—as small as getting a trash can for someone to finishing a project from beginning to end (like flooding in a building). If I solve just one problem in a day, I see it as a success and that makes me happy!

Surprising Fact

I grew up singing in talent pageants. I did the Ypsilanti Talented Teen pageant when I was younger and I have sung at weddings too.

Next Goal

I have my bachelor’s degree in business administration and I have been thinking about going back to earn an MBA. Seeing my oldest going to college and gearing up my youngest for college, I have been thinking a lot about starting a new career.

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