Jeffrey Bernstein

Jeffrey Bernstein

Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D.


Professor of Political Science

Years at EMU

23 years

Why You Like Working Here

Eastern has really let me be the kind of professor I want to be. It has allowed me to be very student-centered in the work I do. I love the resilience of our students, and admire how much many of them have had to overcome to get to the place where they are.

Favorite EMU Moment

I love the Undergraduate Symposium. I’ve sponsored students and participated in it almost every year I’ve been here. I love watching when my students present, I love their relief after they’re done, I love meeting the families of my students. I just love being there every year.

Favorite Campus Spot

The tables outside of the ground floor of the Student Center, right by the lake. If you get a good weather day, it’s peaceful and quiet. I like meeting and talking to students down there.


There are those moments when you’re in class and suddenly you can see a student get it. And sometimes it’s big, like a senior thesis that the student didn’t know they could do, and all of a sudden they do it. That’s why I’m here. It’s so much fun to watch and it’s so much fun to be part of.

Surprising Fact

I can juggle flaming torches. I started juggling bean bags close to 25 years ago, and over the years I have expanded my repertoire a little bit.

Next Goal

I have developed a simulation of the Constitutional Convention for my American Government class. It’s starting in two to three weeks, and with all new teaching exercises, I’m nervous about how well it will work. I’m optimistic it will work, but I really want to nail this.

I also want to live long enough to see humans walk on Mars, and to see the Mets win the World Series again.

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