John Carbone, Ph.D.

John Carbone, Ph.D.

John Carbone, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Years at EMU

Eight years

Why You Like Working Here

After graduate school, I was looking for academic positions. After receiving a few offers, I picked EMU really just because of the feel. Between the school director at the time and the faculty members I spoke to, it seemed like a good fit. I'm glad to say I was right. 

Favorite Campus Spot

My general answer would be in the classroom because that’s where I tend to be happiest. My favorite part of my job is engaging with students. Outside of this building, it’s walking around and seeing students between classes. Sometimes I’ll time my leaving or walking to a meeting for when classes are getting out, just to soak in some of that good vibe.


Definitely sounds cheesy, but it's our students. At least four or five times a semester you’ll get that moment where you’ll sort of see the light bulb go on and something clicks for them. Students will give me feedback about how they didn’t pass biochem three times but when I explained metabolism, it made sense. That’s what inspires me.

I tell students at the beginning of the semester that yes, I have a terminal degree but I’m still learning and that the best way for me to continue learning is for them to ask questions. They push me to learn new things.

Surprising Fact

I build custom carpentry—bed frames and cabinets, etc.. My boys (ages six and nine) and I redid our deck this summer. Building our connection and showing my nine-year-old that the fractions and geometry he’s learning now are going to be useful for the rest of your life was great.


I’m the guy who’s always throwing sayings out. My saying in nutrition is: “Moderation in everything, everything in moderation,” but the one I use most often is: “It’s more important to do a good job than a fast job.” I probably use that more at home than here, but I think it still applies here. If you’re going to take on a task, let’s make sure you do it well so you don’t have to go back and re-do it.

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