Joseph Csicsila, Ph.D.

Joseph Csicsila

Joseph Csicsila, Ph.D.


Professor of English Language and Literature

Years at EMU

21 years

Why You Like Working Here

The thing I love most about Eastern, and what originally attracted me to it, is it’s reputation for training teachers. I’ve taught other places and there’s a real practical interest in what’s going on in the classroom [here at EMU] rather than just an intellectual exchange. The education students are literally thinking about themselves in the classroom and how they’ll use the material. That’s pretty exciting as well as the thought of having an impact on the next generation of educators.

Favorite EMU Moment

First day of classes, every semester. There’s so much optimism, enthusiasm. Generally everyone is in a good mood and wants to be there. Part of the trick as a teacher is trying to sustain those things as far into the semester as I can. Trying to get the non-English majors smiling or even laughing. Every once in awhile, I’ll have a student approach me after class and say, "I wasn’t looking forward to this, but now I am."


My wife Charlotte. She’s a phenomenal business woman who’s built a great career for herself. She’s a great partner, great mom. She keeps me balanced. The way she approaches her day inspires me.

Surprising Fact

A lot of people wouldn’t know this but I was in a band about 10 years ago in the department. We wrote songs, recorded them and got on the radio. We played in Detroit, Ann Arbor and summer festivals in the area. It was fun but way below the radar. I would call it alt-country, Ryan Adams type. We were called Mayflies. 

Next Goal

Getting all my kids through college in one piece. I’m talking about them and us. Professionally, I want to finish writing my book on Mark Twain.

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