Jesse Kauffman, Ph.D.

Jesse Kauffman

Jesse Kauffman


Associate Professor, Modern European History

Years at EMU

Eight years

Why You Like Working Here

A lot of reasons, but mainly the people. I have great colleagues and great students. I like the students because they are smart but also down to earth and sensible.

Favorite EMU Moment

When we beat Western at our Homecoming game a couple years ago. There were lots of people there and everyone seemed elated when we won.


The academic job market is hyper competitive. I’m really lucky to have this job. I want to make the most of it rather than waste it. It’s a huge privilege to be able to connect to somebody intellectually and make a difference, especially students in a class. That’s still a big deal to me.


I think being able to remember what it's like to be a student gives a teacher a certain advantage. I didn’t start college until I was a little older. I was in the navy first. I started college in my 20s and I remember what it’s like to start from a blank slate—feeling confused and overwhelmed. 

Surprising Fact

I have three tattoos, that usually surprises people.

Next Goal

I am writing another book right now, so getting that finished. My first book was on the German occupation of Poland in the First World War. My next book is on the Eastern front in the First World War. It will bring together the Austrian German and Russian histories of the war, which are usually treated separately, in order to see the eastern front as a whole. The tentative publish year is 2020.

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