Jessica Nietrzeba

Jessica Nietrzeba

Jessica Nietrzeba


Director of Engagement and Outreach, Alumni Relations

Years at EMU

13 years

Why You Like Working Here

The people are the reason I like working here. I get to help great alumni be successful.

Favorite EMU Moment

I greatly enjoyed overhauling the Athletic Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in my role in Athletics. It was an opportunity to work with many athletes. It started out as an informal event and to me, it wasn’t special enough for the type of award the athletes were receiving. We wanted the ceremony to feel special—an experience where they were recognized for their achievements at the university. That had never really happened before. I’ve been doing it for twelve years and I’m very proud of what I did with that event.

Favorite Campus Spot

If I had to pick a favorite spot on campus, it would have to be the pond because it’s peaceful and tranquil.


My aunt was an elementary/middle school teacher for her entire career—helping young children reach their goals, face their challenges and feel confident in their work.

I feel I’m in a similar place in with college students. I like being able to support someone else’s vision and help them grow as they move through their experience here.

Surprising Fact

Many people do not know this about me, but I used to model in beauty pageants and competitions when I was younger. I modeled from the age of six to 18. My parents made me do it because I was shy— I wouldn’t talk to anyone other than my mom. When I reached 18, my father said that either I could go down a modeling path or go to college and play softball.


If I had a superpower it would be the ability to be able to travel anywhere in the world at anytime. It would essentially be teleporting.

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