Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith


Service EMU Advisor

Years at EMU

16 years

Why You Like Working Here

I like helping people. I work with students but I also assist staff in other offices. There’s a lot of connecting, collaborating and searching for resources to find solutions or opportunities for students.

Favorite EMU Moment

With my job, I can help students register for classes. Often times, they have a large balance from the previous semester and they can’t register. It makes me feel really good when I can collaborate with financial aid or another office to get their bill paid and get them back into classes or housing. I love when I can get a student back into classes.

Favorite Campus Spot

One of my favorite spots is the Don Anderson Memorial Bench in front of the student center. I also like to walk around the pond and look for the koi fish. It’s a good place to meet people.


Students. I really enjoy helping students who wouldn’t normally enroll and don’t quite understand the full picture. I like helping them understand financial aid and giving them the tools to make those decisions to enroll.

Surprising Fact

I’m deathly afraid of heights. I used to be able to do roller coasters but after having children, I can’t even go a little bit off the ground. Once, we needed to change a light bulb and my husband put me on his shoulders. I lost it.

Next Goal

I'd like to increase my self-reflection and become more inspirational and motivational to the people I work with and for. I want the people I work with to be happy and to be doing things that make them happy.

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