Michelle Owens

Michelle Owens

Michelle Owens


Assistant Director of Student Personnel and Front Counter Operations

Years at EMU

21 years

Why You Like Working Here

Our former and current director allowed us full autonomy. Both are very student-focused. There’s so much to be said about this kind of leadership. It allows us to be creative and boost confidence for us and our student workers.

Favorite Campus Spot

Playing intramural sports as a student here provided me an opportunity to build life long friendships. I got to experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team. University Park and the IM fields are certainly tied for my favorite campus spot.

EMU Moment

A colleague and I started Oozeball [a mud volleyball tournament] here 21 years ago. I am very proud of this tradition.


My inspiration is my family, my mentors and our students. My family provided me with the foundation of hard work and drive. I was blessed with the most trustworthy and dedicated advisers who really encouraged me to grow. Who they were and what they said really resonated with me. Our students motivate me as they balance their lives with beautiful optimism and gratitude.

Surprising Fact

I’m a big Disney fan and I had the opportunity to meet Eddie Carroll who is the voice of my favorite character, Jiminy Cricket, at a Disney Convention. I’m really grateful I had the opportunity to hear his story and interact with him before he passed.

Next Goal

My next big goal is to assist EMU administrators in a fluid transition into our REC/IM renovation. This dream of many has finally been put into motion and it feels wonderful to be a part of it, thanks to our EMU student body. If it wasn’t for our students, we wouldn’t be able to renovate.

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