Michael Wise

Michael Wise

Michael Wise


Assistant Director for Military Services

Years at EMU

Eight years

Why You Like Working Here

Eastern is diverse and open-minded to a lot of things—that’s what contributes to our success. I like working here because of the military-friendly atmosphere. It’s really helping our veteran population. We’ve started doing some training for faculty on veterans in the classroom. We’ve had 100 people take it. The fact that people are even taking the training is amazing. I feel I’ve had my voice heard and had room to advance the program, especially when I was the professor of military science.

I also want to say that atmosphere starts at the top. President Smith’s demeanor and openness permeates through the university. 

Favorite EMU Moment

One my favorite EMU moments is shooting off the ceremonial cannon at football games whenever Eastern scores. It’s an Army ROTC department tradition unique to this university.


My inspiration and motivation is definitely my family. They’ve endured a lot with my military career; sacrificed a lot things. I’m inspired by persistence and their survival. I’m also inspired by our vets—digging in, working and coming to school.


Definitely flying. I’d love to see everything from the air, go in one straight line, land and be done. Breathing underwater would be pretty cool, too.

Next Goal

I’d like to be able to retire and not have anywhere to go in the morning. That might sound a little selfish, just because there is so much more you can do for people. But just because I don’t have to go somewhere in the morning, doesn’t mean I don’t plan on going somewhere later. Just to kind of stay home, have coffee, sit on the porch and kind of enjoy the morning. Another goal is to spend much time as possible with my wife and son.

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