Pamela Cardell Cato

Pamela Cardell Cato

Pamela Cardell Cato


Assistant Managing Director of EMU Theatre

Years at EMU

22 years

Why You Like Working Here

I love the students—that’s the reason I’m here. I love the energy and creativity they provide. I also love working for EMU theatre. It’s never boring and never the same day-to-day. I’ve done all sorts of crazy things in getting productions up and running from creating a shrunken head to shellacking a chicken.

Favorite EMU Moment

I have a lot but one that comes to mind is celebrating the Legacy Theatre’s 60th birthday. We had 250 guests show up including alumni. Celebrating with the CMTA family, past, present and future, (we had some children of alums) was very cool.


The students are my motivation. Before I came back to EMU, I worked for a public relations firm and my boss here at Eastern called me and said, how would you like to come back to EMU and work more hours and make less money? I said, more hours and less money? Let’s do it because I get to be with the students!

Surprising Fact

I know the secrets of the red phone booth on campus. There’s a glitch with it right now, but usually when you press the call button, it displays six different messages. We get to program those messages. Steve Martin, our technician here in CMTA, found a way to link the phone booth to us. Sometimes is displays messages regarding LBC credit and sometimes, because it looks like something from Doctor Who, we have it play noises.

Super Power

I’m a mom—I already have super powers!

Next Goal

My next big goal is to get everyone here on campus to come and see a show at Legacy Theatre.

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