Roderick Wallace

Roderick Wallace

Roderick Wallace


Program Director for EMU Upward Bound & Lecturer, College of Education

Years at EMU

4 years

Why You Like Working Here

The connections I’ve been able to build with the community at large. There’s integration with the academic side of the university and the community that are able to affect each other. There’s also been a great deal of interest and support for me as a PhD student. As part of the Urban Education program, I’m studying hip-hop as pedagogy and its impact on education and STEM development.

Favorite EMU Moment

I was here as an undergrad, and my favorite moment was when I first came to campus. I loved being part of the freshman orientation and entering this new world that was supportive from the very beginning, that held infinite possibilities. The completion of my classes for my PhD was also very emotional for me. I’m moving toward the comprehensive exam and dissertation stage now, and finishing those classes was a big moment. 

Favorite Campus Spot

The patio by the north side of Porter, and I’ll also say the MLK Memorial right outside Boone. It’s a nice place for reflection. 


My children. A lot of the work I do in education is intended to provide opportunities for students like them, and students that may not have the opportunities they have. I’ll always consider their educational experience when I choose to do things. I’m also really inspired by the fact that I’m able to study my passions. I love doing what I do. I’m able to use my passion for students and my passion for music at the same time. 

Surprising Fact

I am a huge fan of 70s rock, like progressive rock, stadium rock, even yacht rock too. I like the textures and I like to make more modern music out of it sometimes. I also carry a Beat machine everywhere I go.

Next Goal

Complete my PhD and continue developing the nonprofit program we work with, the Amplify Fellowship. I also want to ensure that Upward Bound continues to move forward in its mission to support the kids of Ypsilanti.


I would like to have the ability to control matter. That gives me the ability to create anything, mold and change anything. Maybe even be able to give other people superpowers

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