Vivian Moynihan, MD

Vivian Moynihan, MD

Vivian Moynihan, MD


Assistant Professor in the Physician Assistant Program

Years at EMU

Four years

Why You Like Working Here

I love learning. Medical learning to me is just spectacular. I am a physician and this is just like doing medical school over again only much more relaxed because I am giving the tests instead of taking them. I really like the rigor of our curriculum and the brilliance of my colleagues.

Favorite Campus Spot

My favorite spot is room 206 in Rackham Hall. They’ve evolved rooms that we do some of our small groups teaching in. And I tell my students that 206 is magic, that’s my small group room. It has a very…almost cozy environment. I really like it there.


My students would be my inspiration. I really like to see them think, learn and grow.

Surprising Fact

I’m actually pretty good at the claw machines where you get the animals out, if they’re not rigged. Many years ago, I went on vacation to Las Vegas. I’m not a really big gambler, so I got bored. I went to Caesar’s Palace and they had a particularly wonderful claw machine. I had to actually leave some of the animals behind because they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.


Being able to make someone giggle when they really don’t feel like they can.

Next Goal

I have a friend who teaches in PA education who’s very dedicated to expanding global physical education. I’d like to do some international work with her. I am an OB/GYN so learning how to serve women’s health in under-resourced areas in the world would be cool. I would also love to see more partnership through all of our programs around the issue of food security.

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