Wayne Doyle

Wayne Doyle

Wayne Doyle


Director of Veteran Student Support Services

Years at EMU

Four years

Why You Like Working Here

One of the reasons I like working at EMU is that it seems like a high performing place but a low stress environment at the same time. The staff that I work with strikes me as a very ethical group of people. The students here tend to also come from the same sort of background that I came from so I relate to them pretty easily. I didn’t come from a rich family and the people that come here tend not to come from rich families. This school seems like a good fit.

Favorite EMU Moment

A couple of years ago, I was invited to be the guest speaker at the ROTC Commissioning Ceremony. It was the last thing I did in a uniform. Having that be my last time in uniform and sending people into the military is very cool for me.

Favorite Campus Spot

It’s more an object than a thing. When I started working here, there wasn’t a bell in the bell tower of Pierce Hall. For some reason, it always bothered me to see a tower without a bell in it. Recently the bell was placed back inside the tower and it’s now lit up. It feels like there’s life there now. To me it’s a very cool thing.

Surprising Fact

I have 50 first cousins. They are spread from Seattle, Washington to Paris, France. My mom and dad came from fairly large families. So whenever I go anywhere, I’ll usually camp at someone’s house instead of paying for a hotel room.

Next Goal

Most people may not consider this a big goal, but it's to catch a fish on a fly rod in every county in the state of Michigan. I have a few counties knocked out so far, but there are a lot of them.

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