Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith


Assistant Equipment Manager

Years at EMU

Seven years

Why You Like Working Here

It’s an enjoyable experience to work with the student athletes. I enjoy providing the cool gear that people like and being in a sports atmosphere, which is a fun to be in. I like watching big games and championships, especially when EMU athletes are playing.

Favorite EMU Moment

I'll never forget going to the football Bahamas Bowl in 2016. It was a unique challenge to send things through customs, get everything prepared and checked through.

Favorite Campus Spot

It’s a tie between Rynearson Stadium and the Convocation Center. That’s where all the fun happens—either out on the football field or inside for the basketball games. I like the action and the energy.


I want to get better at what I do. Every year, I learn different ways to improve through collaborating with my grad assistants and student equipment managers to find better ways of doing things. The technology with the gear that we’re giving out changes so much from year to year, so being able to work with that kind of stuff is inspiring. For instance, we did an Autism jersey this year for basketball and I got to work with Adidas to do those special uniforms.

Surprising Fact

I don’t go home and watch sports. I watch Netflix.

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