Auggie Mickevicius

Auggie Mickevicius

Auggie Mickevicius

Job Title

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

Years at EMU

Five years

Why You Like Working Here

Mainly the people - I love working with people. I also enjoy making sure things are safe and attending to things that aren’t.

Favorite Campus Spot

I like walking near Pierce, by the mall area and seeing the forest there when the trees are in full bloom. It’s so nice and grassy.


I've got three daughters and I tried to make a good life for them as they grew up. To this day, I feel respected by them because whenever there's an issue with a car or buying something, they call me. I get the same sense here after I go through a training and folks stay after later to ask questions.

Surprising Fact

I’m a "one-legged, water-skier". I love to water ski. My new son-in-law saw me skiing and said "He’s a one-legged skier!" It’s really called slalom.

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