Christine Lancaster, Ph.D.

Christine Lancaster

Christine Lancaster


Director of Student Support/Teacher Preparation Unit

Years at EMU

21 years

Why You Like Working Here

I think my favorite part of working here at Eastern is the environment. I enjoy the trees, buildings, the beautiful campus, seeing students walking past, overhearing them talk about classes, ideas being shared, etc. I like the collegial environment in general and talking with students and colleagues.

Favorite EMU Moment

A favorite moment would have to be when my son, Tim, graduated. My son is in the fourth generation in our family to graduate from EMU. Some of his great-aunts, his grandmother and his uncle all earned teaching certificates through EMU. Tim’s grandfather also graduated from EMU. I earned my master’s and a couple graduate certificates from EMU and I’m currently a doctoral candidate in educational leadership. Three of the generations came together to celebrate Tim’s commencement.


I feel lucky and I enjoy the work that I do. The work that we do has such value. We change people’s lives. We provide opportunities for people to be successful. I’d say at the end of the day, knowing the work we do has value means something to me. We have an impact on students and they have an impact on us.

Surprising Fact

A lot of people do not know that I have a twin brother. My brother and I were actually born in Belgium. My father was drafted during Vietnam and was stationed near NATO, when my brother and I were born.

Next Goal

Right now I am working on my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. Completing and accomplishing that milestone is the next big goal on my list.

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