Ellen Koch, Ph.D.

A photo of Ellen Koch

Ellen Koch, Ph.D.


Professor and Director of Clinical Training

Years at EMU

15 years

Why You Like Working Here

I love the students. I love that we have a diverse undergraduate group and the doctoral students in my lab are a lot of fun. Eastern does a nice job of having a balance of work and personal life as well. I like that I can have some time for myself and be with friends and family.

Favorite EMU Moment

I taught an abnormal psychology course at Shanty Creek. I hadn’t taught undergraduate classes in probably about six years or so. It was an intensive environment. The students were super engaged and in it. That immersive experience was one of my favorite teaching experiences ever.

Favorite Campus Spot

I love the second floor of the student center in front of the big windows where you’re overlooking a pond and the lakehouse. It’s just gorgeous. Every time I'm in the student center and I am on the second floor, I definitely look out those windows.


I had a very good mentor, so I think a big inspiration for me in a lot of my career is just trying to emulate his accomplishments and his style. He’s been a big inspiration.

Surprising Fact

I got a Tesla a year ago that I am so happy about. It was such a dream of mine for so long to get this car. I like to have students and faculty drive my car to share and enjoy the experience.


It’s very important for me to be honest and for people to be honest with me. I think if I had a way to, not that I want to detect people not being honest with me, but maybe to help people be more honest. I’m as open and honest as I can possibly be in all situations. Sometimes that’s hard, but it is a value of mine. I would like to have like a no lie zone.

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