Karen Peacock

Karen Peacock

Karen Peacock


Administrative Associate for the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office

Years at EMU

18 years

Why You Like Working Here

I think what I like best is the students. We have a bunch of students that work for us at the front desk. I’ve worked in different offices in the university, and that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most, helping students, working with students, and then I like to see them graduate and do great things.

Favorite Campus Spot

I would have to say either walking through the Student Center or the little alcove in McKenny Hall. I like to go and sit where the students are hanging out.


Things that inspire me are my husband and my son. My husband is my rock, he keeps me going each day. My son is incredible, and I enjoy what he does and seeing him grow and change every day.

Surprising Fact

A lot of people probably don’t know that when I first started as an undergrad, I was a choral major. So I’ve had years of vocal lessons.


Being a mom is a superpower, so I already have them.

What was the most interesting/fun thing you did while in quarantine?

When I was younger, I learned tips and tricks on how to quilt from my grandmother. I never saw myself as a good quilter, but I learned some great things from her. During the pandemic, I decided to try my luck at creating a quilt for my co-worker that is retiring after 44 years at EMU. It was nice to have time to work on it and it also allowed me to get out of my head for a while and focus on something other than the virus or stress and I'm really proud of how it turned out!

Next Goal

I want to keep building collaboration between the departments in our college, and continue to be a team player and work to get everyone working together. I’m really about the greater goal of the university and making sure things are going well. Whatever I can do to help get us there.

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