Payment Card Application/Maintenance


Select the type of card that is right for your particular needs as a University designee and fill out either the Payment Card Application [PDF] or the Declining Balance Application [PDF]. See procedures for the description of each card and the usage.


Permanent Increase or Decrease requests of limit(s) use the Profile Maintenance Form [PDF].

On a temporary basis for expenditures that exceed the present preset limits of either and/or both a single transaction limit or total monthly limit are made by filling out the Temporary Limit Increase [PDF] form.

Please insure there is a detailed description and nature of the purchases to be made.

PLEASE NOTE PAYMENT CARDS CAN TAKE UP TO 10 DAYS TO ARRIVE. In addition, training must occur prior to receiving the card if it is a new request. You will be notified by the Accounts Payable Office when your card arrives.

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