Special Payroll Check Procedure

Only one special check cycle will be processed per week. All special check requests must be approved by the appropriate divisional representative as noted below before being reviewed by Payroll Department Management. Special check approvals must be forwarded via email BY THE DIVISIONAL REPRESENTATIVE by noon each Monday, and if approved by Payroll, will be included in the next special check run for processing . All Special Checks are run on the Thursday of the week following the normal payroll.

Divisional Representatives

Academic Affairs
Kathleen Stacey (Faculty, FT and PT lecturers)
Jim Carroll (Academic Staff)

Non Academic
Michael Valdes

Special Check Approval Guidelines

Requests are often made before proper paperwork has been submitted and entered into the Human Resources database. Payroll cannot prepare a check for anyone who has not been entered in the Human Resources database by the appropriate deadlines.

The information that is needed to process a request: Name of Employee, Employee Number, Account Number, Rate (hours or amount), and the Pay Ending Date and the reason you are requesting a special check.

For departmental errors or oversights, a correction should be processed as an adjustment on the next payroll voucher (e.g. mis-recorded overtime, shift premium, gratuities, honorariums, overloads, etc).

Student requests for net additional pay of less than $75 will be processed on the next payroll voucher. Non-student requests for less than $200 net pay will be processed on the next payroll.

All other requests must be reviewed by the divisional representative with final approval by the Payroll Department management.

The Divisional Representatives listed above are expected to monitor their employees who are requesting special checks to prevent abuse. Monitoring these employees will assist Payroll in identifying where payroll training needs to be concentrated, to eliminate continuous special check requests.


  1. Call your Department to inform them if you did not receive a paycheck.
  2. Dept. will call HR to determine if paperwork has been received & entered into the system.
  3. If yes, then the dept will forward request to Department Manager.
  4. If no, Department needs to start or locate missing paperwork.
  5. Department Manager forwards request to the Divisional Representative.
  6. Divisional Representative will forward approved request to [email protected].

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