Direct Deposit & Payroll Deductions

Direct Deposit

To stop a direct deposit, please fill out "Memorandum to Stop Direct Deposit" form from our Forms page.

For directions on how to set up your Student Employee or Graduate Assistant Payroll, please follow these instructions [PDF].

Get detailed instructions on how to view your electronic Direct Deposit Advice (eDDA). To access your eDDA the password is first four letters of your last name and your month and day of birth in MMDD.

Payroll Deductions

Campus union employees complete the “Payroll Deduction Authorization Union” form, which is usually provided to them at On-Boarding. A copy of the form is also on our Forms page. For EMU Federation of Teachers, visit the Academic HR website.

Employees who have a student balance with the University, and would like to set up a Payroll Deduction payment plan, need to fill out "Student Business Services Tuition/Load Deduction" form from our Forms page. Once the form is submitted to and approved by the Student Business Services, employees should bring it to Payroll.

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