Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Department at Eastern Michigan University is responsible for a variety of functions associated with payments to vendors.

Our functions also include the administration of travel and employee reimbursements as well as Payment Card activities.


November 2023 Concur Log in Update:

Effective November 16, 2023, EMU employees now have the ability to log in to Concur via EMU Single Sign On (“EMU SSO”). This means that users will be able to log in and access the system with their EMU credentials. Note: If you choose to log in via EMU SSO, the below updates do not impact your log in.

Users still have the option to utilize their SAP Concur Password if they wish to. Below are some updates effective October and November 2023 regarding SAP Concur Passwords:

To enhance the sign in security of all Concur users, two enhancements have been made, as required by SAP Concur; 1) Two-factor Authentication (“2FA”) and 2) New Password Policy.  

  1. Two-Factor-Authentication Starting October 18, 2023, all users who are using basic authentication (Concur username and password) on web or mobile need to set up 2FA. A valid email address is required to be entered/registered. Once a valid email address is entered, a prompt will occur to start the 2FA setup process.

    Note that during the 2FA setup process, users will need to select and enroll an authenticator App with Concur. EMU IT recommends Duo since most EMU users will already have Duo on their device. When setting up Duo to use with SAP Concur, users will need to open DUO to enroll their device following SAPs instructions. Once enrolled, each time a user logs in to Concur thereafter, after a password is entered, users will be prompted for a code. To obtain the code, open Duo on your device, locate the Concur entry, open it and then type in the displayed code in the SAP Concur prompt.


  1. Password Policy: In addition to 2FA, effective November 16, 2023, a new password policy has been enacted. Users will be prompted to create a new password if their existing password does not meet the new password policy.


Those wishing to read more, please find SAP Concur FAQs here.

Any questions? Please contact Accounts Payable at [email protected].

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