Payroll FAQs

  • How does a student change his/her payroll address? Expand dropdown
    Please use your permanent address. If you need to change your address, go to, click on school services, then administrative services, personal information and then go to update addresses and phones.
  • What is needed to make a name change? Expand dropdown

    A new Social Security card needs to be submitted.

    Staff employee? Go to Human Resources, 301 Pierce Hall

    Student employee? Go to Career Services, 200 McKenny Hall

    Faculty employee? Go to Academic Human Resources, 202 Boone Hall

  • What is the FICA base for 2024 Expand dropdown

    2024 FICA tax base is $168,600 paid at the rate of 6.2% with a maximum amount withheld of $10,453.20. The Medicare (Medical Hospital Insurance) FICA tax is based on all earnings paid at the rate of 1.45%. There is not a limit on the Medicare FICA gross.

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