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Program Advisor Address Phone Email
Athletic Training [MATR] Aaron Struminger​, Ph.D., AT, ATC 319-M Porter 734.487.2837 [email protected]
Autism Spectrum Disorders [M.A.] Sally Burton-Hoyle Ed.D. 128 Porter 734.487.3300 [email protected]
Business Administration (Graduate Certificate) Graduate Programs Office 306 Owen 734.487.4444 [email protected]
Central Office/Superintendent Endorsement [Post-Master's Certificate] Ronald Clement, Ph.D 304 Porter 734.487.0255 [email protected]
Chemistry [M.S.] Timothy Brewer 541 Mark Jefferson 734.487.0106 [email protected]
Children's Literature [M.A.] Annette Wannamaker, PhD 603E Pray-Harrold 734.487.4220 [email protected]
Clinical Mental Health Counseling [M.A.] Devika Choudhuri, PhD 304 Porter 734.487.0255 [email protected]
Clinical Mental Health Counseling [Post-Master's Certificate] Devika Choudhuri, PhD 304 Porter 734.487.0255 [email protected]
Clinical Psychology [Ph.D.] Tamara Loverich Ph.D. 341H Science Complex 734.487.3228 [email protected]
Clinical Research Administration [M.S.] Michael Switzer 311 Marshall 734.487.4096 [email protected]
College Counseling [M.A.] Devika Choudhuri, PhD 304 Porter 734.487.0255 [email protected]
College Counseling [M.A.] Perry Francis Ed.D. 135 Porter 734.487.4410 [email protected]
Commonly Taught World Languages [MAT] Molly Thornbladh 206 Porter 734.487.1416 [email protected]
Communication - Interpretation/Performance Studies [M.A.] Anita Rich 714G Pray-Harrold 734.487.0797 [email protected]
Communication Sciences and Disorders [M.A.] Lidia Lee Ph.D. 128 Porter 734.487.3300 [email protected]
Communication Sciences and Disorders [M.A.] Sarah M. Ginsberg Ed.D. 128 Porter 734.487.3300 [email protected]
Communication [BA+MA] Dennis Patrick O'Grady, Ph.D. 121 Quirk 734.487.6956 [email protected]
Communication [M.A.] Jessica Elton 714J Pray Harrold 734.487.0309 [email protected]
Communication [M.A.] Jenny Kindred 713M Pray-Harrold 734.487.4225 [email protected]
Communication [M.A.] Nick Romerhausen 127 Judy Sturgis Hill Building 734.487.0320 [email protected]

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