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Program Advisor Address Phone Email
Occupational Therapy [BS + MOT] Sharon Holt MHS OTRL 260 Rackham N/A [email protected]
Occupational Therapy [M.O.T.] Trisha Foster, PhD, Graduate Coordinator 308 Marshall 734.487.7593 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy [M.O.T.] Sharon Holt MHS OTRL 260 Rackham N/A [email protected]
Organizational Development [Graduate Certificate] Morgan Milner​, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator 317 Hill 734.487.1009 [email protected]
Orthotics and Prosthetics [M.S.] Rebecca Spragg  245A Rackham 734.487.0487 [email protected]
Philosophy [M.A.] Kate Mehuron Ph.D. 701 Pray-Harrold 734.487.1018 [email protected]
Physical Science [M.S.] Bonnie Wylo Ed.D. 240E Strong Hall 734.487.8642 [email protected]
Physician Assistant Studies [M.S.] Maria Keelon 222 Rackham 734.487.2843 [email protected]
Physics Education [M.S.] Ernie Behringer Ph.D. 240C Strong Hall 734.487.8799 [email protected]
Physics Education [M.S.] Jonathan Skuza, Ph.D. 240B Strong Hall 734.487.8797, [email protected]
Physics [M.S.] Eric Paradis, Ph.D. 240H Strong Hall 734.487.6656 [email protected]
Physics [M.S.] Marshall Thomsen Ph.D. 240F Strong Hall 734.487.8794 [email protected]
Political Science [B.A. + MPA] Tucker Staley, Ph.D. 601 Pray-Harrold 734.487.3113 [email protected]
Polymers and Coatings Technology [M.S.] Vijay Mannari Ph.D. 118 Sill Hall 734.487.2040 [email protected]
Polymers and Coatings [Graduate Certificate] Vijay Mannari, Ph.D 118 Sill Hall 734.487.2040 [email protected]
Project Leadership [Graduate Certificate] Kasim Korkmaz, PhD 207 Sill Hall 734.487.2492 [email protected]
Psychology-Clinical Behavioral [M.S.] Thomas Waltz Ph.D. 301D Science Complex 734.487.4852 [email protected]
Psychology-General Clinical [M.S.] Eamonn Arble, PhD 301R Science Complex 734.487.5988 [email protected]
Psychology-General Experimental [M.A.] Chong Man Chow, PhD 361A Science Complex 734.487.2037 [email protected]
Public Administration [M.P.A.] and Graduate Certificates Rose Jindal Ph.D. 601 Pray Harrold 734.487.3113 [email protected]

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