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Program Advisor Address Phone Email
Computer Aided Engineering [M.S.] Tony Shay Ph.D. 111 Sill Hall 734.487.2040 [email protected]
Computer Information Systems [Graduate Certificate] David Chou Ph.D. 604 Hill Hall 734.487.2454 [email protected]
Computer Science [M.S.] Krish Narayanan, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator 511C Pray-Harrold 734.487.1256 [email protected]
Construction Management [M.S.] Suleiman Ashur, PhD 120 Sill Hall 734.487.1832 [email protected]
Construction [Graduate Certificate] Suleiman Ashur, PhD 120 Sill Hall 734.487.1832 [email protected]
Creative Writing [M.A.] Matt Kirkpatrick Ph.D. 613J Pray-Harrold 734.487.0399 [email protected]
Creative Writing [M.A.] Carla Harryman Ph.D. 614C Pray-Harrold 734.487.4220 [email protected]
Creative Writing [M.A.] Rob Halpern Ph.D. 613F Pray-Harrold 734.487.4220 [email protected]
Creative Writing [M.A.] Christine Hume Ph.D. 612K Pray-Harrold 734.487.4220 [email protected]
Criminology and Criminal Justice [M.A.] Brian Sellers Ph.D. 713B Pray-Harrold 734.487.0012 [email protected]
Cultural Museum Studies [Graduate Certificate] Liza Cerroni-Long Ph.D. 712 Pray-Harrold 734.487.0012 [email protected]
Curriculum and Instruction [M.A.] Virginia M. Harder Ph.D. 313 Porter 734.487.2729 [email protected]
Cybersecurity [B.S. + M.S.] Please contact the school for advisor information. 206 Roosevelt Hall 734.487.2490 [email protected]
Cybersecurity [M.S.] Jie Cao, PhD, Program Coordinator 211F Sill Hall 734.487.4756 [email protected]
Dietetics Combined [BS+MS] Contact Program for Advising 260 Rackham 734.487.3713 [email protected]
Dietetics [M.S.] Program Advising 260 Rackham 734.487.3713 [email protected]
Doctor of Nursing Practice (All Programs) Dejuana Jackson, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, Associate Director of Graduate Nursing Studies 311 Marshall 734.487.2279 [email protected]
E-Business [Graduate Certificate] Graduate Programs Office 204 Hill Hall 734.487.4444 [email protected]
Early Childhood Education [M.A.] Christina Mirtes, PhD 313 Porter 734.487.3260 [email protected]
Early Literacy Instruction [Graduate Certificate] Linda Lewis-White Ph.D. 313 Porter 734.487.3260 [email protected]

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