Registration Info

Things to Know Before You Register

To register for classes, you must be admitted to EMU. If you aren't, contact the Office of Admissions.

  • Be sure to resolve time conflicts between courses before you try to register.
  • Check the course catalog to be sure you've met the prerequisites required for each course.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding financial holds on your student account.
  • Obtain any necessary departmental permissions prior to registration.
  • Select all the required sections of the course, (i.e. a course with a lecture, lab and recitation.)
  • Ensure you are aware of all semester deadlines, including those for Part of Terms (P/T) outside of the normal 15 week schedule.
  • Note that the 100% deadline and the census date for each semester are the same based on the 15 week schedule.
  • Download the Student Guide to Registration [PDF] for additional information.

How to Register

  • First, make sure it's your assigned day and time.
  • Make sure you know the CRNs of all the courses. (To get them ahead of time, log into your emich account, go to the Student tab, then click class schedule. )
  • Login to your my emich account and click on the Student tab. 
  • Make sure the Student Services tab is selected and click on Registration. 
  • Click on Drop or Add Classes, choose the semester you are registering for, then add the CRNs in the empty boxes. 
  • Once you click submit, your registration is complete.

Visit Online Programs website for information about registering for online courses.


Late Registration

You must be registered in order to attend classes. After the first day of classes, you have a short grace period in which to register online. If your original registration is on or after the first day of classes, you will be assessed a single, one-time per semester late registration fee.

After the grace period, registration is permitted on an exception basis only through 50% of the term. Authorization from the appropriate academic department is required for each course. Once granted, you must contact Records and Registration either via email through your my.emich email account or by phone at 734.487.4111 to finalize registration.

Campus Codes/Delivery Types

Online Synchronous

Courses are fully online and require students and faculty to participate during specific meeting days/times.


Online Asynchronous

Courses are fully online with no specific meeting days/times. Students do not have to meet for the online class at a certain time. Instead, the instructor posts assignments in Canvas, and students read instructions posted, like reading certain chapters or articles. Students might also then be asked to complete assignments by a certain deadline.


Online Synchronous with Online Asynchronous                 

Courses are fully online and have a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous meetings. Some parts of the course require all students to be online at specific meeting days/times while other times the students would have online asynchronous instruction.


Hybrid –

Face to Face with Online Synchronous

Face to Face with Online Asynchronous

Face to Face with Online Synchronous and Online Asynchronous

Courses have some face-to-face time and a mixture of synchronous and/or asynchronous meetings. Some parts of the online portion of the course may require all students to be online at specific meeting days/times while other times the students may have online asynchronous instruction.

Helpful Resources

Student Guide to Registration

Have additional questions? Our Student Guide to Registration [PDF] contains deadlines, information on late registration and what to do if you don't have a my.emich account, as well as other important information. 

Find a Class

The IT site lets you search for classes by subject, instructor or location.

Transfer Course Information

Transfer course equivalencies and information can be found on the IT site.

Subject Codes

Having issues locating a certain class? The subject code document [PDF] contains a  comprehensive list.

Academic Departments

Contact information for each academic department [PDF] along with their respective subject codes.

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