Attend college with free tuition, 4WARD Graduation Scholarship

At Eastern Michigan University, we are proud to provide our students with a high quality, affordable education. The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is an exciting opportunity to successfully complete your degree in four years while maintaining financial stability.

The Concept

Locked-in Tuition Rate

On-Campus Community Living

Locked-in Housing Rate

You pay for your first two consecutive years of tuition at a locked-in tuition rate of approximately $13,500 per year (30 credits).

Then EMU will pay for 100% of your next two consecutive years of tuition (30 credits a year).

You’ll live in an on-campus community for each of the four years at a locked-in room and board rate of approximately $10,800 a year, which includes a standard double room and a standard meal plan.

Take the first step to securing your 4WARD Graduation Scholarship by applying for admission.

The Math

You Pay Tuition

Year 1
Room & Board
Year 2
Room & Board

EMU Pays Tuition

Year 3
Room & Board
Year 4
Room & Board

The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship offers a four-year graduation commitment. When you successfully complete two years at Eastern Michigan University, we will fund your full tuition for your remaining two years.

*The rates indicated above are locked-in and include 30 credit hours per year for tuition and a standard double-occupancy room. If you choose to move into one of Eastern's other living options (including on-campus apartments) in your junior and senior years, you will pay the current year rates. There is no locked in rate for other living options.
**Note: we still encourage you to file the FAFSA in October to see how you can supplement your payments with student loans and federal financial aid.

The Commitment

We will help you afford to live and learn on campus for four years at a guaranteed, locked-in rate to encourage successful four year graduation.

Beginning Fall 2019, admitted students with a 3.0+ cumulative GPA and a 20+ ACT score or 1030+ SAT score will have the opportunity to opt into the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship. To secure your scholarship, take the following steps:

  1. Apply for admission to Eastern Michigan University. We have already waived the $35 application fee for you!
  2. If you meet the GPA and test score criteria, you will receive a 4WARD Graduation Scholarship award letter in your admit packet. Follow the steps on that letter to opt into the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship.
  3. Financial Aid will send you an updated financial aid award letter.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for all the details regarding the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship. Feel free to call or text 734.487.6453 with any questions!

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