4ward Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the academic requirements to stay eligible for the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship for my junior and senior year?

    Incoming students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and a 1030 SAT or a 20 ACT to qualify for the program. To remain eligible for the scholarship, students must meet satisfactory academic progress (Requires you to earn passing grades (2.00) in a minimum of 67% of the credit hours you take. Grades of F, W, I, N, NC or repeated classes are not "earned.")

  • Is this a locked-in tuition cost for year one and two?

    Yes; the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship offers you a locked-in tuition rate for year one and year two. For example, a student beginning in Fall 2018 would pay $413.60 per credit hour for the first four semesters of enrollment. Optional summer enrollment is not covered by 4WARD. 
  • Can this scholarship be awarded to new, incoming freshmen for non-fall semesters?

    No; the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is a fall-start only scholarship.
  • Are international students eligible for the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship?

    Yes. In addition to Global Rate, international students are eligible for the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship for International Scholars

  • What about transfer students?

    The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is only for first-time college student applicants. Learn more about transfer scholarships.

  • What if I take more than four years to graduate?

    Like all of EMU's first-year college student scholarships, the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is a four-year award. Many students will come to EMU with some college credit, while others will choose to take summer classes. Students can also extend their time at Eastern if necessary but that additional time will not be funded. Note that Eastern's scholarships do not cover summer, so you will pay the regular tuition rate for any summer courses.
  • Is it possible to begin my enrollment pattern, then take a semester off, and return the following semester and still remain eligible?

    The 4WARD scholarship, like all EMU scholarships, is an award for eight consecutive semesters. As an example, a student enters as a freshman in Fall 2019. The expected duration to graduation is May 2023. If they take the semester off in Fall 2021, they would be eligible to receive the award in Winter 2022. However, the award would end as originally scheduled in May of 2023. If a student has a compelling reason for stopping out, they can submit an appeal for review by our FA Scholarship/Satisfactory Academic Progress committee.
  • What if I've already earned college credit (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, etc.)?

    In order to be eligible for the second two years of free tuition, students must pay the locked-in tuition for 60 Eastern credit-hours within the first two consecutive years. This can be accomplished during the summer as well. The student must also obtain the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards as noted above (2.00 GPA and 66% of credits successfully completed.)
  • Can I receive my Emerald Scholarship AND the 4WARD Scholarship?

    No. You need to choose either 4WARD or an Emerald Scholarship.
  • Can I receive my Education First Opportunity Scholarship (EFOS) and the 4WARD Scholarship?

    No.  The student needs to choose either 4WARD or an EFOS.
  • Can I receive my Athletic Scholarship AND the 4WARD scholarship?

    No.  The student needs to choose either 4WARD or the Athletic Scholarship.
  • What about other scholarships?

    The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship can be combined with any federal grants, loans or work study. In fact, we encourage students to file their FAFSA to see how you can supplement your payments with student loans and other federal aid.

    The 4WARD Scholarship cannot be paired with other institutional aid, including an athletic scholarship, the EFOS scholarship, a housing grant or an Emerald Scholarship. If a student receives an endowed or departmental award, that amount can be applied with the 4WARD, assuming the award is not limited to pay tuition only. If a student works as an RA and receives room and board in kind, that is also acceptable.

  • Do I have to pay everything up front?

    No; you'll pay for each year on the regular billing schedule. Note that payment plans are available.

    Learn more about billing.

  • How will I opt into the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship?

    When you receive your official admit packet, you will also receive information on opting into the 4WARD Scholarship, if you are eligible. When you receive your official financial aid award letter after receipt of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will be again offered the opportunity to opt into 4WARD.
  • Are fees covered by the 4WARD Scholarship?

    No. 4WARD covers tuition only. Students will be responsible for fees, including registration and online courses fees. 

    Students in the Aviation program are eligible to participate in the 4WARD Scholarship program with the understanding that Eagle Flights fees are billed separately from EMU Tuition and are NOT included in the 4WARD Scholarship award.

  • Do I have to live on campus for four years?

    Yes, the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is contingent upon the student living on campus for four years. While we lock in the rate for a double room in a traditional residence hall, upper class students are eligible to live in non-traditional residence halls, including on-campus apartments. For example, The Village is an apartment-style residence hall with private bathrooms for each suite. If a student lives in an apartment, they are not required to purchase a meal plan. The student will pay the apartment rent that is at the going rate. There is no lock-in feature on the apartment rent. Student must enter the apartment lottery process like any student. There is no guarantee of an apartment since it is a lottery system.
  • What if I choose to move off campus?

    If you are no longer living on campus, you will not be eligible for the 4WARD Graduation Scholarship. Depending on your situation, you have the option to request reinstatement of your Emerald Scholarship. Those are reviewed on a case by case basis. If your Emerald Scholarship is reinstated, it is not retroactively applied to any previous semesters that you have paid for.
  • Can I study abroad for a semester?

    The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is a live and learn on-campus opportunity. We encourage students to study abroad over the summer or in short programs throughout the year, but the 4WARD Scholarship precludes them leaving for an entire semester.
  • Why do I have to live on campus?

    The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship is a commitment to support your academic success and financial stability as you graduate college within four years. Several studies and innumerable observations have proven that there is a direct correlation between student success and on-campus living.

    Highlighting the supportive environment and diverse interactions between peers, staff and faculty, on-campus living has been demonstrated to have a direct correlation to student success and on-time graduation. The results of a five-decade survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA proves that on-campus living has a “positive impact on degree attainment” On-campus living supports learning. Further research published by the Journal of Higher Education concludes the same: on-campus students are more likely to stay in school and to graduate than their commuter counterparts. Another analysis from the National Survey of Student Engagement [PDF] concludes that “seniors who live on campus [are] more engaged with advisors and faculty than their off-campus counterparts.”

    By living and learning on campus, students have the opportunity to fully integrate into the campus community and academic experience. Ultimately, students who live on campus are able to maximize the return on investment of their higher education experience.

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