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2020-21 assessment reports/plans (combined) are currently being accepted.

Please use the plan/report template to submit, or, contact Doug Baker ([email protected]) if you have questions.  Submit your report/plan. Note: Be sure to select the appropriate year and click "Refresh."

Mission Statement

In collaboration with the University Assessment Committee, CAS Dean's office and CAC, the College of Arts and Sciences Assessment Committee (CASAC) is faculty-led and focused on assisting administrators, faculty, staff and programs in building systems to evaluate student learning from programmatic perspectives.

2020-21 Committee Members


John Dunn, English, [email protected] 

Cynthia Macknish, World Languages, [email protected]

Cam McComb, Art & Design, [email protected]

Tricia McTague, SAC, [email protected]

Greg Plagens, Political Science, [email protected]

Department Heads

David Klein, Political Science, [email protected]

Julian Murchison, SAC, [email protected]


W. Douglas Baker, Associate Dean, [email protected]  


Programmatic assessment of student learning is an important aspect of achieving University Accreditation; click on the link below to see how CASAC fits into and is part of the accreditation process.

University Accreditation and the Role of CAS Assessment of Student Learning [PDF]

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