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2019-20 assessment reports/plans (combined) are due between December 2 – February 7.

Please use the plan/report template to submit, or, if your program is beginning a new cycle, use the Canvas module (email Doug Baker, [email protected]).  Submit your report/plan.

Mission Statement

In collaboration with the University Assessment Committee, CAS Dean's office and CAC, the College of Arts and Sciences Assessment Committee (CASAC) is faculty-led and focused on assisting administrators, faculty, staff and programs in building systems to evaluate student learning from programmatic perspectives.

2019-20 Committee Members

John Dunn, English | [email protected]
Cynthia Macknish, World Languages | [email protected]
Cam McComb, Art & Design | [email protected]
Greg Plagens, Political Science | [email protected]

Department Heads
David Klein, Political Science | [email protected]
Julian Murchison, SAC | [email protected]
James Saunoris, Economics | [email protected]

Doug Baker, Associate Dean | [email protected]
Suzanne Gray, Liaison-Library | [email protected]
Beth Kubitskey, Liaison-COE | [email protected]

Programmatic assessment of student learning is an important aspect of achieving University Accreditation; click on the link below to see how CASAC fits into and is part of the accreditation process.

University Accreditation and the Role of CAS Assessment of Student Learning [PDF]

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