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Graduate Admission and Recommendation Process (ApplyEMU)

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ApplyEMU is a custom application, built for graduate student application submission and review. ApplyEMU provides prospective graduate students with the ability to quickly complete an online application, submit necessary documents, request recommendations, and check the application status. Once submitted, the graduate application follows a workflow process where it is reviewed and recommendations are made, and ends with an admission decision.

Graduate Admissions runs year around. Some programs accept limited cohorts one time a year. Other programs allow students to start any semester of the academic year. Some have fixed application dates, others are open until their program fills.

While the Graduate School makes all final admission decisions, those decisions are based on recommendations from programs. The Graduate School will accept without review any recommendation for admission denial and any recommendation for admission for an applicant who meets Graduate School minimum admission standards, It will review and consider conditional admission for those applicants who are recommended by the program but do not meet minimum standards. In addition to the Office of Admissions, there are several departments across campus that may be engaged in the admissions process: 

  • International Admissions Office, Conduct Review Committee, the applicant’s desired graduate programs (Graduate Coordinators), English as a Second Language, the Office of International Scholars, and the Graduate School.
  • The Graduate admissions recommendation process may include designated admission advisors, individual faculty, or faculty teams.

Supporting Systems

Students: Apply for graduate admissions via  Apply EMU system.

Faculty & Staff: Process graduate applications from the following supporting systems accessed via the Banner Launch page:

  • Banner Workflow
  • ApplicationXtender for the Web

Support & Contact Information

  • Students: Create a unique username and password as part of the process to log in to the ApplyEMU system.
  • Faculty and Staff: Request access to Banner Workflow via the  Banner Access Request form:
    • View Access - Banner Admissions Forms
    • View Access - Xtender Banner Admissions
    • Update Access - Workflow Graduate Admissions
  • Any questions about the graduate admissions process can be directed to the Graduate School - Contacts page.

Instruction (Tasks)

  • ApplyEMU: Prospective graduate students submit a graduate application. See the Graduate School - Graduate Admissions page for more information.

  • Banner Workflow: An email with a direct link to the applicant's record is sent directly to Graduate Coordinators when an application is complete and ready for review. Click on the link in the email to access the application, RecForm, and supporting documents.
    1. Log in to Banner Workflow via the Banner Launch page, by clicking the Workflow (ApplyEMU) link.
    2. Click the Worklist link. A list of applications that require action is displayed.
    3. Click the desired student name link from the list. The application's RecForm is displayed.
      Note:  Only one reviewer can review an application at-a-time. When you select an application to review, you automatically reserve it. The application will remain in your reserved queue until you complete the RecForm or release it. To see what student records you currently have reserved, click the Show Reserved Items from the lower left corner of your worklist.
    4. Click the Click here to View the Applicant's Xtender Document link to open ApplicationXtender Web and review any supporting documents.
      ApplicationXtender Web -  View and print imaged documents sent to the Office of Admissions on behalf of the applicant. See the ApplicantXtender Application listfor more information on the B-S-Admin: Banner Student Admissions Application list of supported documents, including:
      • Graduate applications
      • Transcripts

      And may include additional documents including:

      • Letters of Recommendation
      • Personal Statement
      • Resumes, etc.

      See the ApplicationXtender Web Access guide ;for instructions on how to view student information supporting documents.

    5. Close the ApplicationXtender Web and return to Banner Workflow.
    6. Review the open application.

      Note: If you are finished reviewing the application and you are not the head reviewer:

      1. Click the Save & Close button. The Worklist page is displayed.
      2. Click the magnifying glass next to the student name link associated with the application you just finished reviewing.
      3. Click the Release button at the bottom of the list to release the application for the next reviewer.
    7. If you are the head reviewer, select the desired decision (ADMISSION, CONDITIONAL ADMISSION, or DENIAL OF ADMISSION) from the Academic Department Recommendations section.
      Note: If a Conditional Admission is recommended, the program must provide required information in the comment box associated with the Condition type.

      All comment fields that are not labeled for internal use only will appear on the applicant's admission letter and the RecForm.
    8. Enter your academic advisor information in the Graduate Academic Advisor Information section.
      Note: Contact information entered will be communicated to the applicant and will be referenced as the department's point of contact.
    9. When you are finished reviewing the application, click the Complete button to send the application with your recommendation to the Office of Admissions for processing.
      Note: Click the Save & Close button to save your changes so that you can return to finish review of the application at a later date.


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