College of Health & Human Services Satellite Consultants


Master of Arts, Written Communication: The Teaching of Writing
Bachelor of Science, English Language

Bryan has been a writing consultant at EMU since 2014 and began serving as the University Writing Center Satellite Coordinator for the College of Health & Human Services in 2017. He is a part-time lecturer who teaches writing intensive classes in both the School of Nursing and the Health Administration Program. Bryan enjoys working at the writing center because it gives him the opportunity to work one on one with students and to witness firsthand as they learn about themselves and grow as writers. In his free time, Bryan likes listening to a broad range of music genres (blues, rap, rock, classical, R&B, pop, folk, etc.) and going to concerts; spending time cuddling with his cat, Olivia, while watching Netflix shows like "The Umbrella Academy," "Stranger Things," and "Peaky Blinders"; going to museums; drawing and painting; and getting his geek on by regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.



Master of Arts, English & Rhetoric in Writing

Erin has been teaching collegiate level writing courses and working with various writing centers from Arizona to North Carolina since 2002. After her partner’s job transfer brought them to Michigan, Erin was fortunate to join EMU’s UWC in Fall 2019. In addition to her degrees, Erin has taken graduate courses in poetry at the University of Iowa and Warren Wilson as well as worked in the NCSU library system as an Interlibrary Loan manger. These experiences have prepared her for any topic, which she loves. Her favorite part of consulting is getting to learn about a wide variety of subjects through engaging with student writing. It is seeing what is possible in the different fields of study that inspire both her bookshelf and her own learning.

Specifically, EMU’s UWC consultants work to provide support for each student to find confidence in their writing, from organizing their stance, to properly citing sources, to just writing that really good line that encapsulates the heart of the matter. Erin wants every EMU student to know that the UWC can help at any stage of the process, and she welcomes any type of writing from creative to technical, multimedia to scribbled by hand. She hopes every major will pursue the benefits of the UWC.

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