College of Health & Human Services Satellite Consultants

CHHS students can schedule consultations with any of our consultants through WCOnline. Our consultants staffing the CHHS satellite are specialists in Nursing, Dietetics, HLAD/HLED, and other CHHS topics.


Master of Arts in Written Communication: The Teaching of Writing; Bachelor of Arts in English Language with a minor in Journalism

Bryan has been a writing consultant at EMU since 2014 and began serving as the University Writing Center Satellite Coordinator for the College of Health & Human Services in 2017. He is a part-time lecturer who teaches writing intensive classes for the following disciplines: Nursing, Health Administration, Engineering, and Interior Design. Bryan enjoys working at the writing center because it gives him the opportunity to work one on one with students and to witness firsthand as they learn about themselves and grow as writers. In his free time, Bryan likes listening to a broad range of music genres (blues, rap, rock, classical, R&B, pop, folk, etc.) and going to concerts; spending time cuddling with his cats, Olivia and Sinatra, while watching Netflix shows like "The Umbrella Academy," "Stranger Things," and "Peaky Blinders"; going to museums; drawing and painting; and getting his geek on by regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.



PhD in English Renaissance Literature

Cecilia has been teaching literature, theory, and professional writing since the 1990s to undergraduate and graduate students at EMU and the University of Michigan. She currently serves as the UWC coordinator to CHHS and supports writing initiatives across the university and in the local community. She also teaches beekeeping, operates three apiaries, and runs an organization that promotes the therapeutic power of beekeeping for individuals with PTSD, as well as the healing role of bee products in human and animal health. 


Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice; Honors Associate of Arts; Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional Writing Concentration; pursuing Master of Arts in Writing Studies, Teaching of Writing Concentration

Lisa is returning to Writing Center consulting after previously working in the St. Clair County Community College (SC4) Writing Center for three years. They earned their Bachelor of Arts in English from EMU and returned as a graduate student with aspirations of eventually teaching at the community college level. Lisa is passionate about accessible education and social justice. In the UWC, they are motivated to help students from diverse backgrounds engage in the self-discovery process of developing their own unique writing voice across genres. Outside of school, Lisa is a freelance writer, stand-up comedian, and avid tabletop role-playing gamer. In their spare time, they love organizing Spotify playists, binging Netflix shows, building random things in Minecraft or Animal Crossing, and spending time at home with their partner and their two cats.

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