Viewing Your Pay Stub Information

Employees can use the Pay Information menu to view their pay stub information, including deductions, contributions, gross and net amounts.

Follow these directions to view your pay stub information:

  1. Navigate to the Employee Services menu. See Employee Services Menu Overview.
  2. Click the Pay Information link.
    Pay Information Link

  3. The Pay Information menu is displayed. Click the Pay Stub link.
    Pay Stub Link

  4. The Select Pay Stub Year page is displayed. Click the Pay Stub Year pull-down arrow and choose a year from the list.
  5. Click the Display button.
    Display Button

  6. The View Pay Stub Summary is displayed. Click a Pay Stub Date link.
    View Pay Stub Summary

  7. The View Pay Stub Detail page is displayed.
    View Pay Stub Detail

  8. When you are finished, click the Employee tab to return to the Employee menu.
    Employee Tab

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