Accessing the Summary Page

Approvers can review, approve, and correct (override) time sheets and leave reports for employees in their area of responsibility. The Summary page allows the Approver to view the status prior to working with an employee time sheet or leave report. Because of the critical timing involved in the submission and approval of employee time sheets and leave reports, early review is essential. See Approver Actions by Transaction Status for more information.

Follow these directions to access the Summary page:

  1. Navigate to the Employee Services menu. See Employee Services Menu Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Time Sheet link.
    Note: Alternately, if you are approving a leave report, you can click the Leave Report link.
    Time Sheet Link

  3. The Selection Criteria page is displayed. Click the Approve or Acknowledge Time radio button.
    Note: If you are acting on behalf of another Approver, select the appropriate choice from the Act as Proxy pull-down arrow.
  4. Click the Select button.
    Select Button

  5. The Time Sheet Selection page is displayed. Click the appropriate Department and Description button.
  6. Click the Pay Period & Status pull-down arrow and select the desired pay period.
  7. Click the Sort employees' records by Status then by name button.
    When you are finished, click the Select button.
    Select Button

  8. The Summary page is displayed.
    Summary Page

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