Information about participation in athletic bands can be found on the Marching Band page.

Concert Ensembles

Large ensemble auditions are held during the first week of classes in the fall semester, and for select instruments in the winter semester. All woodwind, brass, and percussion music majors (and participating music minors) must audition for large ensemble placements during this time. School of Music & Dance policy requires that music education or performance majors who elect to register for principal applied study beyond curriculum requirements of 8 semesters must participate in a large ensemble concurrently. Exemptions to this policy are considered on an individual basis and can only be granted by the school director.

Non-music majors are welcome and encouraged to register and participate in Symphonic Band or Campus Band without an audition. NOTE: Participation in Syphonic Band in Winter semeter does require an audition. Non-music majors should contact the conductor for more information on setting up an audition. Participation in Wind Symphony or Symphony Orchestra is open to non-music majors but requires a specific audition process, as detailed below.

Audition Requirements & Procedures

Each audition will be approximately seven minutes in length (ten minutes for percussion) and be heard by ensemble conductors and applied faculty. To audition, complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare solo material(s) of your choice demonstrating both your technical and lyrical performance ability. Chose a section(s) totaling no more than four minutes. Percussionist must prepare a mallet solo. 
  2. Prepare the assigned excerpts for your primary instrument: wind, brass and percussion repertoire excerpts are provided in the links below. These are required of all music majors and any non-music majors interested in Wind Symphony, or Symphony Orchestra.
  3. Sign up on this registration form* by August 16, 2024 to obtain an audition timeslot. 
Fall 2024 audition dates (held in person at Alexander Music Building)
  • Monday, August 26, TBA: flute/piccolo, oboe, bassoon, horn
  • Tuesday, August 27, TBA: clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba 
  • Wednesday, August 28, TBA: percussion

Audition Tips

Students who prepare over the summer with regular practice at least one month in advance of their audition date have more success. Be sure to review this Audition Advice [PDF] prior to your scheduled ensemble audition. Listen to the larger works from which the excerpts are extracted to know context and be familiar with performance practice.

Audition Excerpts

Music majors auditioning for band or orchestra should prepare the excerpts for their primary instrument below (in addition to solo material as outlined above). Auxiliary instrument excerpts that are included are optional (piccolo, bass clarinet, and bass trombone). Fall 2024 audition excerpts are below:

Questions? Contact EMU Bands at [email protected] or Dr. Schneider

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