The EMU Choir & EMU Voices (MUEN 131) requires an audition and is a year-long commitment. 

The audition process for both auditioned select ensembles will be the same.  Click on the links to fill out the audition form and find your audition time.


*IF YOU ARE AN INCOMING FIRST-YEAR MUSIC MAJOR (MEDV, MPRF, MUTH, MUSC) WITH VOICE PRIMARY YOUR SCHOOL OF MUSIC AUDITION COUNTS AS THIS AUDITION. YOU MUST HAVE RECEIVED YOUR SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DANCE ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS EXCEPTION. You simply register for MUEN 131 and at the final call back we place you in either EMU Choir or EMU Voices. The final call back will be held on the first day of classes at 1:00 in the Honors College. 


1. . Find an audition time that works for you.  

2.. Fill out the audition form

3. After your audition you will be invited to register for MUEN 131 (Auditioned Ensembles EMU CHoir or EMU Voices) or MUEN 134/ MUEN 135 (Non-auditioned ensembles)


Your audition will include:

  • Vocalization and range check.
  • Tonal memory-The conductor will play a few pitches on piano, you sing them.
  • Your prepared piece.
    • Select a piece that you believe shows off your best vocal quality.
    • It does not have to be an art song. It can be in any style you choose.
    • You may choose accompanied music but no pianist is provided and you will be asked to sing a cappella.
    • Your prepared piece does not need to be memorized.
  • Sight-singing
    • Don't worry, just do your best.
    • Solfege is not required but suggested.

Auditions can bring anxiety. Please think of this time as an opportunity to visit with the choral faculty and determine what kind of singing you want to be doing and how much time you would like to commit. Remember, we want you to sing with us. 

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