Program Interviews

Music Education Interviews

All MEDV (Bachelor of Music Education - Vocal) candidates and MEDI (Bachelor of Music Education - Instrumental) meet with the Music Education faculty for a short interview. Students are asked to briefly discuss what experiences they have had working with children (grades K–12), and why they want to teach music. The interview only takes 10–15 minutes and will automatically be scheduled into these candidates' audition day.

Vocal Music Education candidates are also expected to sing a prepared selection and demonstrate any keyboard skills. Some vocal and keyboard sight-reading are included.

If you have any questions concerning the music education interview, please contact Dr. Heather Shouldice.

Music Therapy Interviews

There are several purposes for the music therapy interview. One of the most important reasons is for potential music therapy students and Dr. Gombert to meet, and begin to get to know each other. During the interview, students will be asked to:

  • Explain their interest in music therapy.
  • Talk about any volunteer (music or non-music) experiences they may have had with people who have or don’t have special needs.
  • Perform on their principal instruments (this is in addition to playing an audition for the applied music faculty).
  • Sight-sing (even if they have never done this before). The sight-singing part of the interview gives Dr. Gombert an opportunity to assess vocal skills and to make recommendations.
  • Play the piano, if they already know how to play (no matter the level).
  • Ask questions about the Music Therapy Program at EMU.

Parents, siblings and friends are welcome to attend the interviews, if the auditioning student would like.

Students must also submit a three-page double-spaced essay on the topic of “Why I wish to pursue a degree (or certificate) in music therapy”. Include your personal perspectives and motivations as well as your current understanding of the field of music therapy and how you see yourself within the field. All essays should be saved as a word (.doc or .docx) document and sent as an attachment to Dr. Debra Gombert, director of music therapy, at [email protected]. Music therapy admission essays are due no later than one week prior to your chosen audition date. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Debra Gombert.

Graduate Interviews

All graduate applicants will meet with appropriate faculty:

  • Applied music faculty for Master of Music in Performance and Piano Pedagogy
  • Composition faculty for Master of Music in Composition
  • Music education faculty for Master in Music Education

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