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You can access tutorial videos and PDFs with writing and technology tips at our UWC Student Resources Canvas site. Email us at [email protected] and ask for an invitation to join!

Get your Frequently Asked Questions answered

Our FAQs webpage answers your frequently asked questions about undergraduate consultations. For further inquiries, email us at [email protected].

The University Writing Center (UWC) provides writing support to undergraduates through all stages of writing.


During the summer, we are open beginning May 6. Undergraduate students can schedule two consultations per week using WCOnline.

Summer 2024

Summer consultations are limited. You may upload one written feedback consultation per day, and schedule up to two consultations per week (you may mix types of consultations). For the summer, there are only a few slots available Monday - Thursday.

During Summer 2024, the UWC will offer

  • In-person/Zoom Flex Consultations - On Monday through Wednesday, use the same time slots to choose to meet with a consultant either in 211 Pray-Harrold or over Zoom. Schedule your consultation anywhere from two weeks to half an hour before your appointment is to begin.
  • Written Feedback Consultations - On Monday through Thursday, submit up to five, double-spaced pages of written text and receive a written response within 2 days.

The UWC will be closed when the University is closed.


Experience a Consultation

Have you ever wondered what it's like to participate in a consultation? If so, watch the video below. This one took place on Zoom, but for an in-person consultation, imagine the consultant and student in the same setting.

COVID Safety Protocols

The UWC is considered an instructional space. For your safety and for ours, visitors to any satellite may be asked to wear a mask, and, in turn, may ask consultants and others in the room to wear a mask.

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