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During Winter 2022, the UWC will offer 

  • In-Person Consultations will resume when in-person classes resume
  • Zoom Consultations January 10 - April 26
  • Written Feedback Consultations January 10 - April 22

Closed dates: January 17, February 28 - March 6, April 15 - 17

Did you know?

One of our consultants, Tristan, offers consultations for papers written in Spanish! To schedule a consultation with Tristan go to either the In-person or Zoom schedule on WCOnline.

You can access tutorial videos and PDFs with writing and technology tips at our UWC Student Resources Canvas site. Email us at [email protected] and ask for an invitation to join it!

Get your Frequently Asked Questions answered!

Our FAQs webpage answers your frequently asked questions about undergraduate consultations. For further inquiries, email us at [email protected].

The University Writing Center (UWC) provides writing support to undergraduates through all stages of writing. The video below introduces UWC services offered for undergraduates this semester.



We offer in-person consultations across campus, as well as Zoom and written feedback consultations. At this time, we do not offer drop-in consultations; all consultations must be scheduled on WCOnline at least one hour before the start time.

UWC Satellites Across Campus

Did you know that we have multiple locations across campus for in-person consultations? Each satellite location has consultants who specialize in helping students with specific types of papers:

  • 115 Halle Library: Main location serving all students
  • Marshall (third floor): Nursing satellite (also serves subjects like social work, dietetics, HLAD/HLED, etc.)
  • 211 Pray-Harrold: Humanities satellite (writing, composition, history, etc.)
  • 115 Roosevelt and 204 Sill: CET satellite (all Game Above engineering and techology courses, e.g. aviation, interior design, CET/SET)

To schedule a consultation at one of our satellites, go to WCOnline, choose the In-person Winter 2022 schedule, and sort the list by the location you want to visit.

UWC Satellites Online

Can't make it to an in-person consultation? Our satellite consultants also offer specialized Zoom and written feedback consultations. There are also two satellites—Business and the Science Success Center —that currently aren't available in person!

To schedule an online consultation, go to WCOnline and choose either the Zoom or written feedback schedule. Then look for the broad consultation topic by each consultant's name : 

  • Business is the broad topic for our Business satellite (accounting, management, marketing, etc.), which is unavailable in person
  • Sciences is the broad topic for the Science Success Center satellite (biology, psychology, all hard sciences)
  • All is the broad topic for our Halle Library (main) and Pray-Harrold (humanities) satellites
  • Nursing, Health, All CHHS are the broad topics for our Marshall/Nursing satellite
  • Game Above/Engineering Tech is the broad topic for our Roosevelt and Sill/CET satellites

COVID Safety Protocols

For your safety and for ours, visitors to any satellite in the UWC or attendees of a UWC workshop (even as part of a class) must

  • wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth at all times
  • be prepared to show a daily COVID pass
  • schedule a Zoom or written feedback consultation instead of an in-person consultation if they are experiencing a cough, fever, or any cold symptoms
  • be prepared to provide Telehealth documentation if they have been cleared to be on campus but are showing apparent cough and cold symptoms.

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