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UWC Virtual 

Throughout EMU's campus closure in Winter 2020, the UWC will support students via virtual consultations. 

How do I submit a paper to UWC Virtual?

If you are an undergraduate student, to submit a paper for a consultation, submit the UWC Virtual Submission Form.

What if I have not started writing but I need help thinking through my ideas and plans?

If you haven't started writing and would like a prewriting consultation, submit the UWC Virtual Prewriting Consultation Request.

How do graduate students receive writing help?

Graduate students should continue to contact Beth Sabo, [email protected] for consultations.

What if I am enrolled in a fully online program?

Students enrolled in fully online programs should continue to submit to the UWCO.

UWC Policies and Guidelines for UWC Virtual Writing Submissions

A writing consultant will provide feedback within 24–48 hours for papers submitted Monday through Thursday and 24–72 hours for those submitted Friday through Sunday.

  • We are happy to comment on up to five pages (roughly 1500 words). Please identify the pages you would like reviewed.
  • Please focus your areas of concern on 2-3 issues, so we can provide you with meaningful help on those issues.
  • At this time we can accept two papers per student, per week; our work week resets every Monday morning.
  • We may, on occasion, have to reduce or restrict the availability of this service if we exceed our capacity.

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