University Writing Center

Header that says: "The University Writing Center supports the  writing needs of the entire EMU community."

The University Writing Center (UWC) provides writing support through multiple means to all members of the EMU community—undergraduate and graduate students, international students, post-baccalaureate students, and faculty.

We offer many services including one-to-one consulting, online writing consulting for select programs, and workshops. Find out more about our services. If you're a faculty member, you can request an in-class writing workshop and/or a classroom visit to introduce the University Writing Center's services to your students.

Syllabus text for Winter 2020 is now available for the University Writing Center, University Writing Center for Graduate Studies, University Writing Center Online, and Halle Library.

We're confident the UWC can help improve student writing. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from some of the students we've served:

"I love the Writing Center. It is very helpful to me and to other people I know who attend. I love that its free because it's a resource we all need and one that we can use even everyday if we choose." - EMU Freshman

"Very helpful. Visiting the Writing Center helped me make final revisions to my poster that missed when I wrote my project." - EMU Junior

"It was very helpful and I was wondering why I didn't come here before." - EMU Junior

"I am writing to explain what the University Writing Center [Online] has done for me. This year marked my first year of college at a four-year university. Upon starting my first class, I was very concerned about the writing projects required. I had never wrote a paper before, not to mention I had never even looked at what APA format was. For a moment, I considered dropping from the program. After hearing the college had a writing center, my fears were lessened. I have used the online writing center many times so far this year and gained much knowledge. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff, I am proud to say I am completing the semester with a 93% overall grade for my writing." - EMU Sophomore

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