Virtru Secure Share

IT Security is happy to announce that in addition to Virtru’s email encryption product we now also offer their Secure Share service. Secure Share allows individuals to securely send and receive encrypted files with individuals inside and outside their organization. When sharing with Secure Share data is always protected, no matter where it is shared or who has access to it.

Using Secure Share is easy.

How do I sign in to Virtru Secure Share?

See more detailed instructions in the section above, but in short:

  1. Go to:
  2. Use the “Sign in with Google” link and use your EMICH.EDU email address to sign in.

Who has access to Virtru Secure Share?

All EMU employees have access to Virtru Secure Share.  

What data can safely be shared via Virtru Secure Share?

Most sensitive data types may be shared using secure share where an employee has a business requirement to share such data.  See the Sensitive Data Guide for more information. 

Secure Share is replacing ZendTo (

Secure Share is easier to use than ZendTo and we feel confident that it will provide a better overall experience for our users. To that end, we are planning to eventually shutdown our ZendTo server. New file drop-off’s in ZendTo no longer be possible as of May 1st, 2023. ZendTo will remain online for another 14 days for users to retrieve any existing drop-off’s before being shut down entirely.

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