Helpful Guidelines

There are several things that can impact the functionality of the Resnet connection. This section details the how, why, and what can be done to prevent problems.

Copyrighted Files

Sharing copyrighted files is illegal. Students subject to repeated copyright infringement allegations are referred to Student Conduct and Community Standards for disciplinary action.  File sharing applications are disabled on EMU networks by default. Students that wish to use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications must “opt-in” to use technologies on the EMU WiFi network.  

P2P technologies (such as BitTorrent) have value for some legitimate uses. However, these technologies are also frequently abused to illegally share copyrighted materials including films, music and textbooks. In some cases, this results in legal copyright infringement claims (called DMCA violations) against EMU users, including lawsuits and fines.  Torrents are also occasionally infected with viruses and other malware.

EMU fully supports the right to use these tools for legitimate purposes. EMU will help students, faculty and staff that need to use the technology to "Opt-In". This opt-in process is intended to ensure that those using the technology fully understand their obligations and risks associated with P2P technologies. Those that opt-in will be able to use torrent software on the EMU wireless network when authenticated using their NetID.

To opt in:

  • Go to the BitTorrent/P2P Access Opt-In page. (You may be prompted to login with your NetID/password).
  • Read/accept the terms, complete the form, and click “Request Item”.
  • Information Technology staff will verify your identity, verify that you do not have a prior copyright infringement claim and then grant your NetID access to use P2P on the WiFi network.  You will receive a notice via when your request has been processed and your access is active.

Please note:  Students that receive a copyright infringement allegation forfeit the privilege to opt-in to this service.

Personal Firewall

Firewalls are software (or hardware) that protect your computer from outside attack by limiting the ways another computer can connect to yours. This limitation allows you to specify how another computer can connect and, thus, limits the ways they can attack you. EMU has a firewall in place for all of ResNet, but your computer may still be vulnerable to other ResNet computers.

I.T. strongly recommends that you install a personal firewall on your computer. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X come with firewalls built in. If you are using one of these operating systems, we recommend you activate it. If you are not using one of these systems, we recommend you download one of the free packages available on the web. Some examples are Zone Alarm, McAffee Personal Security center, and a few others.

Adware/Spyware Removal Program

Spyware/Adware are programs that get installed on your computer when you install other downloaded applications that bundle in the spyware/adware application. Things like Kazaa, Bonzai Buddy, etc. are programs that install other programs that you are not aware of. These programs can cause lots of pop-ups to open, redirect you to websites, or other malicious activities.

I.T. recommends you install a spyware/adware block/removal tool. This will remove any spyware that gets installed on your computer. I.T. does not provide direct support for these programs, but the programs will keep your computer running healthier if you keep them updated and running.

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