Parking Lot WiFi Access During COVID-19 Crisis

With the transition to online instruction, students should be aware that Internet access is available from certain campus parking lots. Students residing in the Ypsilanti area can park at the EMU Convocation Center, Lot B, close to the main entrance and connect to the EMU-WIRELESS-SECURE network from their vehicle. The Convocation Center is located at 799 N. Hewitt Rd., Ypsilanti, MI. 48197.

The EMU-OPEN-GUEST WiFi network is also available from the Convocation Center parking lot for students or other campus guests.

Those visiting the Convocation Center Parking lot for WiFi access must:

  1. Remain in your vehicle and practice safe, physical distancing.
  2. Remember that the Convocation Center is closed. There is no access to restrooms or other facilities.
  3. Contact the EMU Department of Public Safety at 734.487.1222 upon arrival and again upon your departure.
  4. Be aware that the parking lot is always under video surveillance..

Note:  WiFi service is now available in the Ann Street Commuter/Staff Lot.  This lot requires a current ParkEMU parking permit.

Parking Lot WiFi Access At Other Michigan Universities

EMU students living outside the Ypsilanti area can also connect to the Internet from parking lots at several other Michigan universities including Central Michigan, Grand Valley, Michigan State, Saginaw Valley, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, University of Michigan - Dearborn and Wayne State University.  When visiting other Universities, please remain in your vehicle and follow any posted instructions.

Detailed List of Michigan Universities Providing Parking Lot WiFi Access During the COVID-19 Crisis

Look for the EDUROAM WiFi network; if EDUROAM isn’t available, look for Guest access.

How can I login using EDUROAM?

  1. Select the "EDUROAM" WiFi network at any participating location. 
  2. Login using your EMU email address ([email protected]) and your EMU password.  (Please note that alias email addresses such as [email protected] do not work. You must use your [email protected] email address.)
  3. If prompted, "Accept" or "Verify" the security certificate.

WiFi Hotspots Available Throughout Michigan

Connect Michigan:  The Michigan Public Service Commission in partnership with Connect Michigan have compiled a listing of public Wireless Hotspots throughout the state of Michigan to support families and those engaged in remote learning.  Their Connect Michigan searchable map of public WiFi Services is available to any Michigan resident.  

Merit Network Community Access Network:  Merit Network has provided Community Access Network Site Locations and are building additional Free Public Wifi locations.  More information is available on the Merit Community Access Network Site Locations page.  

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