Duo FAQs

  • I don't have cell phone service in my office, so using Duo is inconvenient.  Expand dropdown
    Duo also works over campus WiFi service.  If you have WiFi and connect your cell phone to EMU-Wireless-Secure, Duo will work even without cellular services.  If you have absolutely no cellular or network access, you can still click on the key icon next to the “Eastern Michigan University” account in the duo app on your phone, then use that passcode on the duo authentication screen. 
  • What if I lose my phone, or forget it at home? Expand dropdown
    We recommend you enroll at least two devices on your account, usually consisting of your smart phone and your landline at your desk.  If you are unable to access any devices, you can always contact IT and have your account temporarily placed in “bypass” mode, which will disable DUO until you regain access to your device(s). 
  • Can Duo be used to protect my login to my desktop computer? Expand dropdown
    There is not an integration for desktop logins. This is likely because if someone has access to your computer they can do more or less whatever they want even without accessing the Windows accounts, so Duo would need to provide much additional protection.

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