CRP Process for Campus Technicians

  • Campus technicians will receive an email in April requesting that they verify their rosters.
  • Campus technicians will receive instructions
    • on how to place CRP orders for their departments 
    • to give to their departments to place their own orders
  • Campus technicians are responsible to communicate CRP participant eligibility.
  • Campus technicians will assist their departments in creating e-quotes and proposals to submit with special orders.
  • If the CRP order includes cost sharing with the department, the department must print, sign and send the order to [email protected] within two weeks of order placement. If the order includes an e-quote or proposal the order must be sent to [email protected] within 2 weeks of the e-quote or proposal creation. The order will not be processed until a signed order is received.
  • Campus technicians will deliver new computers and place cascade computers. Campus technicians will collect old CRP computers at the time of delivery/placement and return them to I.T.
  • Campus technicians will answers department questions regarding computer orders, delivery, and placement.

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