VoIP Phone

Jabber - VoIP Phones while working Remotely

Employees working remotely may request access to install and use the Cisco "Jabber" softphone (software phone) client. A softphone is software that runs on your computer and connects to the EMU VoIP phone system. Requirements to use a softphone:

  • You must be connected to the EMU VPN to use the Jabber Softphone. If you do not already have access, complete the VPN Access Request.
  • You must complete this service request in order for remote access to be configured and available for your phone.
  • You must have a computer equipped with a microphone and speakers or a headset with a microphone to use this software.
  • You agree that you have a cell phone or a landline available in the location you will be using the softphone. You agree that 911 calls from remote locations must be placed using your cell phone or landline to provide accurate location data to emergency responders.

After you request Jabber Access and receive notice that we have configured it, please follow the Jabber installation instructions [PDF] to set up your Jabber Softphone.

Please note: The Jabber softphone functions just like a campus VoIP phone. Remember to include 8 and 1 when dialing an external long distance number or setting a forward to an external number from your Jabber phone or self-care portal.

Voice over I.P. Phone

Photo of campus phone hardware.Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are now available in many buildings on campus; and, by the end of 2014, all of campus will be on the VoIP phone system. There are three models of VoIP phones commonly in use, the 7900 series, 8800 series (video) and 8900 series (video). In addition to providing a cost savings to the university, VoIP phones have many advantages for users. For instance, users will be able to:

  • view a light on the handset when a voice message has been left
  • view caller ID
  • view information on missed, received, and placed calls
  • create speed/abbreviated dial numbers
  • make conference calls
  • forward calls

Self Care Portal

Associated with the VoIP system is an online component called Self Care Portal. This application provides users with the ability to manage some phone features online, such as, speed/abbreviated dial, and call forwarding.

Also, additional accessories are available for purchase.

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