An image of 3D text on an angle represting https://www.When you browse to a website that should be legitimate, but is not, you could fall victim to a Pharming Scam. This can happen in one of two ways:.

  • Redirected URL address. An attacker can hijack a website to cause browsers to go to a fake site. This can be very difficult for you to defend against as it happens outside of your control. Be very cautious if you go to a familiar site that looks very different from what you remember.
    • Defense - One way you may be able to tell if a site has been pharmed is to go to the https:// version of the site (ex  Attackers are less able to hijack the secure version of websites.
  • Direct system attack. Home routers are especially vulnerable to attack. Many people plug a new router or firewall into their internet connection without making changing the well-known factory default username and password. Attackers use these credentials to enter your router and reprogram it allowing them to determine where you go on the internet.
    • Defense - The best method to prevent this is to change the logon information on your router from the default when you install it and routinely twice a year.

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