Think Before You Post

A comic illustration of an employer interviewing a candidate.Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have dramatically changed the way we communicate. With just one click, you can see what your friends are up to and, just as easily, let them know the latest in your own life. This power and convenience, however, brings an added responsibility to protect yourself and others.

Limit Personal Information

Minimize your risk by limiting the information that you make available to others. Consider your online profile. Your profile should not contain your full name, date of birth, or reflect your relationship with others (mother's maiden name). Protect yourself further by avoiding location check-ins and limiting location specific information. Sharing all the fun you're having in sunny Tahiti could put your home at risk in your absence.

Consider the Consequences

What you do online, what you post, and what others post about you reflect who you are as a person. It may seem like a funny thing to post now, but inappropriate content and photos remain online long after the moment has passed. Once content hits the Internet, it's not as simple as just hitting the delete button. Copies may have been printed or shared, and browser settings or server backups can make content available long after it has been deleted locally.

Before you post, consider the following:

  • Will this embarrass someone?
  • Does it portray someone negatively?
  • Would I want someone to post this about me?
  • What would my mother think?
  • Is this the impression that I want to convey to others?
  • Would I want a future employer to see this?
  • Would I want this information to be online in 20 years?

If you're unsure whether the content is appropriate or not, don't post it.

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